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Designer Kitchens

Working with the award winning Darren Morgan of Designer Kitchen has proved to be a perfect match for Merlin Glass. Darren specified our Smooth Purple Cupboard Knobs for this beautifully curved and colourful kitchen.
The deep, rich colours and tones of the work surfaces, polished wood cabinets and ceiling lights are reflected in the translucent cabinet knobs. For more of the same see this article from the July 2013 copy of Self Build & Design on the Designer Kitchen website.

Aubergine is better than black!

One of the nicest things about glass is light as it passes through it creating the most beautiful array of colour. We like our deep colour range of dark purples, blues and ambers, the aubergine has to be one of our favourites. To the eye it almost looks black but then as you get a glimmer of light through, the most amazing colour sparkles back at you.

Mr and Mrs Hurstís initial enquiry was for black glass knobs, after a discussion about colour schemes and samples we were delighted when they selected Liamís 42mm aubergine glass knobs on a nickel collar.

This is their story ...

When we decided to renew our kitchen we never in a million years thought we would spend as long looking for door handles/knobs as we did. Not only did we need to find something we liked we also needed to find something we both liked and that in itself was by no means an easy task. The kitchen was designed and almost finished. We didnít know exactly what we wanted but we knew as soon as we saw it we would both know!!! We searched copious sites for weeks on end but to no avail, we even ordered several metal door handles but when they arrived they were a complete no no! Then my husband decided on glass knobs (and I was more than happy with that) again even ordered some! Once more the quality was extremely poor with more pits, sharp edges and marks than one could imagine on a round knob! We were even told it was normal and must be expected (they obviously hadnít met me or my husband) we wanted perfection/uniformity and were prepared to pay a bit more for it!

We had all but given up and then by chance we were given the name of ĎMerlin Glassí and low and behold all our problems were over, we viewed their web site and got in touch immediately. Merlin Glass is a family run business, Liam is a Cornish Craftsman and Carol is his right hand man (if you know what I mean)!!! They as a business tick every box, they deliver a truly first class product and service that they have every right to be truly proud of!

I love my new kitchen and the knobs just make it my dream kitchen!!

Itís all about the blues!

The theme of this customers choice was water and variations of the colour blue to go with their wonderful surrounds of their very own watermill. What better choice than Liamís bright blue cupboard knobs, millefiori on both cobalt blue and clear and selection of door knobs in blues and millefioriís.

Itís fantastic to see them on such beautiful furniture, we particulaly like the cobalt blue millefiori cupboard knobs adding a burst of colour.

Here is Mr and Mrs Maunsellís story ...

We are totally in love with Liam's work. Through the quality of colour and design to the functionality of the locking device on the large door knobs we cannot be happier. What a benchmark he has raised for the world to admire, and what's more all of it is made in Cornwall, the most colourful and creative place in the UK.

Before and After Ė Purple glass knobs make this kitchen shine

Before and After Ė Purple glass knobs make this kitchen shine

Kitchen door furniture is renowned for basic, low quality, mass produced fittings by replacing them with our beautifully formed glass knobs they add value, quality and finesse. Glass knobs are like sparkling jewels catching the light and can really compliment the interior dťcor of a room. Customers often come to us to add those finishing touches or breathe new life into existing door furniture. Giles and Helen were looking for something highly functional and beautiful.

Here is Giles and Helenís showcase and testimonial ...

After taking so much trouble to plan our wonderful new kitchen our designer came and put some rather dreary knobs on the doors and drawers, which looked so dull and cheapened the whole effect. Helen got on the web and found Merlin Glass and Carol sent over a sample of one of Liamís hand crafted glass knobs. The impact was amazing and we put in an order for another 47 for all the kitchen furniture as well as the scullery cupboards. We bought a few extra wondering how they would last, but 3 years on they are as solid as ever and they draw many comments from friends seeing the kitchen for the first time. Little things can make a huge difference and it is so lovely when they catch the morning light and cast a soft coloured shadow on the painted wood.

Artisan, Artisan, Artisan

Our relationship with Lorenza spans a couple of years adding the finishing touches to a wonderful city property. Through the exchange of many images Lorenza has hand picked every single one, choosing the colour schemes, patterns and metal work finishes Ė with many of them on the strikingly beautiful satin silver. Many of Lorenzaís door knobs are from Liamís artisan range, each one individual and chosen to compliment colour schemes. We are so fortunate to have such truly lovely customers and it is a pleasure to add those finishing touches and splash of personality to doors and cupboards.

Here is Lorenzaís showcase and comments ...

Scouting the net for glass doorknobs, I did not hold my hopes very high. Little did I know that I would find Merlin Glass' beautiful site and that the items Liam makes would prove to be even better in reality than in the woderful pics.

Liam's playfulness with colours (the Artisan doorknobs above all) and shapes, and Carol's tireless availability in sending pics of items not displayed on the site, and illustrating the different options for glass as well as the supporting metal, allowed me to both define and reach my goal: in a flat where doors "had to be" either a glossy lime green or a glossy vibrant blue, it seemed only fitting that the doorknobs would all "have to be" different in shape and colour! Mission accomplished and every door I open or close reminds me of the inspiring journey it has been with Carol's and Liam's outstanding contribution.

From the highlands of Scotland

Gill in her own words has "liamised" her house and furniture with a variety of beautiful shapes and coloured glass knobs. Gill always sends us a picture of the project she is working on. We find this is very useful in helping to select options and colour schemes. Gill even visited us to meet Liam and have a tour of the glassworks.

Here is Gill's story ...

I am delighted with my new handles, they look fantastic and it`s a real treat now opening and shutting the draws! It is a great idea to breathe some new life into old furniture, you don`t have to replace everything just work the old with the new for a functional yet bespoke look. I have Liamís work all over the house and after a visit to meet Liam and Carol decided to have all the variations of clear and frosted knobs for my kitchen.
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